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University of Phoenix

     With convenient class locations as well as online learning, University of Phoenix makes quality higher education highly accessible. Whether you’re seeking an associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree, we can help you reach your goal while you work—and much sooner than you might expect. In fact, University of Phoenix has helped thousands of students achieve the higher education they need to achieve higher success. We can help you too. Find out more.

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 Types of Available Degrees:
 Note: Most degrees have many different specializations available.
Hint: Use our Online Degree Search for more information on specializations.
 Associate of Arts in General Studies
 BS in Business/Accounting
 BS in Business/Administration
 BS in Business/e-Business
 BS in Business/Finance
 BS in Business/Information Systems
 BS in Business/Management
 BS in Business/Marketing
 BS in Criminal Justice Administration
 BS in Health Administration
 BS in Information Technology
 BS in Management
 Certificate (Graduate): E-Business
 Certificate (Graduate): Global Mgmt.
 Certificate (Graduate): Special Ed.
 Certificate (Graduate): Technology Mgmt.
 Certificate: Call Center
 Certificate: Human Resource Mgmt.
 Certificate: Operations/SCM
 Certificate: Project Mgmt.
 Continuing Education Courses - Accounting
 Doctor of Business Administration
 Doctor of Education in Ed. Leadership
 Doctor of Health Administration
 Doctor of Mgmt in Org Leadership
 MA in Organizational Management
 MAEd/Administration and Supervision
 MAEd/Curriculum & Instruction
 MAEd/Curriculum & Technology
 MAEd/Early Childhood Ed.
 MAEd/Elementary Licensure Ed.
 MAEd/Special Ed.
 Master of Health Administration
 Master of Management
 Master of Management International
 Master of Mgmt/HR Mgmt
 MBA/Global Management
 MBA/Health Care Management
 MBA/Human Resource Management
 MBA/Technology Management
 MS in Computer Information Systems
 MS in Nursing
 RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing
 Single Courses - CPA Preparatory
 Single Courses - Electives
 Single Courses - Finance
 Single Courses - Mathematics
 Single Courses - Statistics
 Single Courses - Teacher Education