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Regis University

     Whether you're just starting out, or looking to advance in your career, Regis University can provide the skills and knowledge you need for your career goals. For over 126 years, we've provided quality education in the Jesuit tradition. Choose from undergraduate and master's degrees in a variety of fields. Financial aid is available for students who qualify. Get started on building the foundation for a successful career today.

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 Types of Available Degrees:
 Note: Most degrees have many different specializations available.
Hint: Use our Online Degree Search for more information on specializations.
 Business Administration
 Computer Information Systems
 Computer Information Technology
 Computer Networking
 Computer Science
 Database Technologies
 E-Commerce Engineering
 Executive International Management
 Executive Leadership
 Executive Project Management
 H umane and Environmental Studies
 International Management
 Irish Studies
 JavaTM Programming
 Management Information Systems
 Management of Technologies
 Network Technologies
 Nonprofit Management
 Object-Oriented Technologies
 Program Management
 Public Administration
 Resource Development
 Software Engineering and Information Systems
 Strategic Business Management
 UNIX (SolarisTM) Programming