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DeVry University's Keller Graduate School of Management

     A graduate degree really can make a difference, especially when it's from DeVry University's Keller Graduate School of Management. The majority of our students balance work, family and school. That's why we offer online, evening and weekend classes in all of our master's degree programs, which include Business Administration, Human Resource Management, Information Systems, Project Management, Public Administration and Telecom Management.

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 Types of Available Degrees:
 Note: Most degrees have many different specializations available.
Hint: Use our Online Degree Search for more information on specializations.
 Graduate Certificate in Accounting
 Graduate Certificate in Business Administration
 Graduate Certificate in Electronic Commerce Management
 Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship
 Graduate Certificate in Financial Analysis
 Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management
 Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management
 Graduate Certificate in Information Security
 Graduate Certificate in Information Systems Management
 Graduate Certificate in Network and Communications Management
 Graduate Certificate in Project Management
 Graduate Certificate in Telecommunications Management
 Master of Accounting and Financial Management
 Master of Business Administration
 Master of Human Resource Management
 Master of Information Systems Management
 Master of Network and Communications Management
 Master of Project Management
 Master of Telecommunications Management